We are a specialist strategic consultancy.

We have one focus: to help ambitious businesses accelerate revenue growth,
by attracting new customers, customers buying more and existing customers staying loyal.



Move the Dial emerged from our frustration at seeing businesses waste time and money focusing on the wrong things.

These businesses all wanted to grow – but they had no way to logically identify and address the barriers that were holding them back. They would tackle one ‘problem area’ at a time – re-branding, sales training, restructuring, etc – in the hope that by solving one part they could fix the whole. After seeing this approach fail time and again, we decided to do something about it.

Move the Dial is a unique systematic approach that enables businesses of any kind to identify and overcome the barriers to faster revenue growth. Each step builds on the one before, creating a laser-like focus on the revenue goal and the actions needed to achieve it. It aligns all of the business – people, brand, products, services – to what customers truly value, and to the clearest and fastest path to revenue growth.

Move the Dial is not for transactional businesses that prefer short-term ‘fixes’. Our clients are ambitious for sustainable revenue growth and meaningful relationships with their customers. And by using Move the Dial, we can work with them to achieve both.

And why the name Eleven?
In today’s world, customers have more choice, control and access than ever. To succeed, companies have to be no less than outstanding for their customers – today, ten is simply not enough.

Uncover your customers’ real needs and the emotions that drive their actions



Analyse data to find where to focus: your greatest growth opportunity

the DIAL


Create the right  customer-focused story and the right marketing, sales and service plan to drive growth



Track lead indicators and outcomes to learn, refine
and improve



Align your resources to effectively execute the plan



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We work across market segments and industries, and have built up significant expertise in the following:

Market segments

Small and mid-sized businesses. We help businesses connect effectively with their SME customers which is a hard to reach but lucrative market.

Rural businesses. We believe our insight into what motivates farmers and rural sector businesses is unmatched.


Banking and financial services

Science-based products

Professional services, including businesses with
complex and high value customer relationships

Technology: particularly software-as-a-service
and digital-first companies.

We would welcome the opportunity to tell you the full stories behind the case studies we’ve highlighted, which is just a selection of the work we’re proud of.


What was the ambition?

For New Zealand Trade and Enterprise to deliver the right-fit services that would enable their customers to meet New Zealand’s expectations for doubling export growth.

What moved the dial?

Designing and implementing a customer engagement model that lifted people capability and morale across NZTE globally, and boosted customer satisfaction and results.


What was the ambition?

To innovate in the digital space to replace declining core revenues.

What moved the dial?

Putting in place the right principles and practices to create a culture of innovation within a traditional organisation.

What was the ambition?

For Livestock Improvement Corporation to move from fragmented product-based customer relationships to a stronger solutions brand proposition.

What moved the dial?

Cracking the code around farmers’ emotional and functional drivers, to reveal a clear strategy for how best LIC could engage with them.


What was the ambition?

For a large multi-national animal health business to maintain the leadership position of their flagship dry cow therapy product amongst increased competition from lower-priced generics.

What moved the dial?

Identifying the myths and half-truths that persisted in the minds of dairy farmers and vets, and aligning marketing and sales to address those – which strengthened the perceived value of the product and resulted in an internationally recognised record sales result.


What was the ambition?

For the guardian of our country’s world-leading sporting system to understand how it could have better relationships with its partner organisations.

What moved the dial?

Creating a new partnering model that enabled Sport NZ to be more effective and increased partner confidence to over 90%.




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Catherine Robertson

Value proposition development

Effective written communications


  • Public relations, sales and marketing communications:
    NZ, US and UK.
  • Insight gathering and analysis
  • Foundation team for US start-up
  • Built and sold two businesses
  • Best-selling author with public profile
Eleven Director - Wellington

David Robertson

Insight analysis
and application

Leader development
and mentoring


  • Leadership roles in US, UK
    and NZ
  • Thirty years creative and brand strategy experience
  • Foundation team for US start-up
  • Co-developed Eleven’s proprietary insight model
  • Built and sold two businesses
Eleven Director - Wellington

Eleven’s people bring the proven skills and experience required to help our clients make the most of Move the Dial: high performance leadership and people capability, data analytics, insight gathering and analysis, channel strategy design, marketing and sales alignment and execution.

We have different skills but the same ambition: to ensure our clients have the right system to identify and overcome their barriers to faster revenue growth.

We believe in the power of shared vision, collaborative problem solving, doing and learning, self-directed people and truly meaningful customer relationships – all of which, in our experience, create the clearest and fastest path to sustainable and significant revenue growth.

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